How I got started

A family friend ,Jerry Baily, started a fire place business in Cape Town. It was Jerry who mentions to me that I should clean chimney"s, and that there is a market for it. Jerry told me he was to busy to do it himself as they were busy with bigger installations. At the time a school friend and I were running a small garden service, which we started after finishing our national service in Bloemfontein.  So I pretty much jumped at the opportunity to learn the trade.Through the years, Jerry and his wife, Marrilyn Baily coached, trained and motivated me, teaching me the importance of the trade. "There is no exact formula to the perfect fire". Almost 30 years later I have personnally cleaned and fixed a couple of 100 chimny"s a year. So if you see someone dressed in black wearing a black top hat, that will be a qualified chimny sweep


I am also a full time single farther of two beautifull chilldren.

I am always trying to improve my service and office skills, so any advise is always appriciated.